Dog Grooming Singapore Kit for Your Dog

Every pet dog, or for that matter, every pet, requires some amount of grooming. Grooming a pet is the core duty of the pet possessor. And it is very significant to know the correct procedure of grooming your pet in order to have a pet which is happy & which you can be proud of. The first step towards choosing a dog grooming kit for your little beloved would be to decide why you want to groom it. If you wish to participate your prized canine in a dog show, you would understandably require many more dog grooming tools than you would if caring for your dog is your motive for grooming it. When you buy a dog, collect as much information as possible on the specific grooming demands of the particular breed, if any. It is not enough to purchase a dog’s grooming kit. It is significant to buy one that is desirable for your dog. Keep a touch onĀ dog grooming singapore

A dog grooming kit normally contain the following tools: fur clippers, clipper blades, clipper cooling tools, boxes for storing, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, grooming sprays, flea combs, kind of brushes, ear cleaners, cotton swabs to clean ears, rakes, nail cutters, styptic pencils (to clot blood in case the dog starts bleeding during nail clipping) etc. Make sure the dog grooming kit you choose comprises of these basic items. Check to make sure that the comb has superfine & coarse teeth. A fingertip toothbrush works best. Special toothpastes are obtainable for dogs.

Never, ever substitute them with human toothpaste. It might be a wise idea to consult a veterinarian with regard to the best brand of shampoo suitable for the unique breed of dog you own. In case your dog has leaky tear ducts, you would need spot removal items to keep the area around the eyes free of build-ups. A dog grooming kit may or may not contain a towel. It is advisable to choose a towel that is soft & spongy. Some dog grooming kits also include a pair of scissors to cut hair every now & then. A grooming table is normally required only in case of dogs groomed for shows.

One of the most essential tools in a dog grooming kit is the clipper. The clipper you choose would be directly dependent upon the fur quality of your dog. Basic clippers with single speed mechanisms are usually adequate for dogs with thin and short fur. On the other hand, those with thick, curly fur need clippers with higher speed. Furthermore, if your dog wants to have its fur clipped often, most vet and groomers advocate dual speed clippers. In fact, if your dog has thick & frizzy hair & you are not very confident or knowledgeable about clipping, it is wise to let a professional groomer take over.You would need a variety of brushes in your dog grooming kit to groom your dog. A slicker brush is really usable to whisk away dull hair while a rake is most essential for brushing the underfur. While dogs with long hair need pin brushes, bristle brushes are desirable for those with short fur. A mat comb is required for dogs that have a problem with tangling.